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Welcome to the Fairy And Pirate! My name is Jym Harris, and I’ve been visiting Disney parks all my life. My favourite things to do at Disney Parks are rides and finding unique pieces of history that you may or may not see at first glance. I also love food and drinks, which is also good because Disney Parks have a lot of them! I have been to 4 out of the 6 parks and hope to finish off the other 2 (Shanghai and Hong Kong) one day soon.

We launched this site in September 2022, after months of planning and getting a team together of other fellow Mickey fans to offer travel tips and information bout the park, resorts and look for helpful ways to answer lots of questions.

Please note: Some items copyright Disney. This website is independent of and not supported, endorsed by or connected to Disneyland® Paris, The Walt Disney Company, Euro Disney Associés S.C.A., Disney Enterprises, Inc. or their subsidiaries and affiliates.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who Pays For Your Travel Costs and the Food You Eat?

As a general rule, we do! We try to keep everything as unbiased as possible. If we don’t like something we want to tell the reader about it! If we do get something complimentary we will make sure we let you know.